Membership dues are due every January, your application and payment will ensure your contact information on the California State Membership Roster, and keeps your ongoing skills developed at the monthly meetings. 

Monthly Training Meeting with Speical Guests - Retired Members

Members also receive the CLEARS CPR, a quarterly on-line magazine.

New and exclusive things are planned for 2022 that will only be available to active members, so budget smart and plan ahead to prepare your application.

Don't get left out of the loop!

Active Membership dues are $50 annually. Active Membership consists of supervisory personnel in charge of law enforcement records and any person who supervises any support function of law enforcement records keeping and their assistants.

Associate Membership dues are $50 annually. Associate membership is limited to persons employed in law enforcement related professions, excluding vendors, who have an interest in the CLEARS organization and support its goals.

Commercial Membership dues are $100 annually.

» CLEARS Southern Chapter 2022 Membership Application



In honor of our Chapter Lifetime members or Honorary Lifetime Members, our retirees receive invites to one meeting, web site announcements, and CPR inclusion.  The “Honorary” members are those who served on the State Board and well as their Chapter Board and are approved by the Executive Board.

Audree Luevano Chapter & State Lifetime Member Arcadia
Janice Cumming Chapter Lifetime Member Arcadia
Debbie Barker Chapter Lifetime Member Huntington Park
Betty Paquet Chapter Lifetime Member Glendale PD
Carmen Acosta Chapter Lifetime Member Monrovia
Ruth Miller Chapter Lifetime Member Hermosa Beach PD



We off the opportunity to attend the Annual Seminar, by being in active member of the Chapter. We pay of the registration. Applications must be received before conference and documentation of attendance is required.
For more information, contact the chapter board.

It’s here! The scholarship application is available for the 2021 conference! Have you been an active member? 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Scholarship tuition will cover the current registration fee of the training seminar, but not the late registration fee.  In some cases, the Board may vote to make an exception and allow scholarship funds to be applied towards lodging if the member’s agency will pay for tuition but not lodging.
  • The Scholarship Committee will evaluate the contributions/participation stated above to ensure authenticity.
  • Recipients will be required to submit an article on a Records related topic for the California Police Recorder. The article MUST be submitted with this application before 0800 on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Scholarship Grant Requirements:

  • The member MUST attend the training sessions.
  • If the member is unable to attend, a Board Member MUST be contacted in advance.

The scholarship covers the registration fee or $400 towards lodging only.  If a scholarship has been granted, and it is determined the agency will cover the cost of the seminar and lodging, the scholarship monies must be returned to the Chapter immediately.