CLEARS Southern Chapter Members,

I am humbled, honored and privileged to once again assume the role of President of the CLEARS Southern Chapter for 2023. I am deeply grateful to my predecessor, Tracey Claverie, who stepped in to take the reins of the Chapter in August to finish out the year.   The leadership and outstanding contributions to CLEARS by him and the 2022 Southern Chapter Board is greatly appreciated.

2023 is here and what a year this will be!!  The CLEARS Association is turning 50!! Join us in Ventura to celebrate CLEARS 50th Anniversary.  Our profession has grown and changed in so many profound ways over the last half a century, and as the last few years have demonstrated, it continues to evolve.  This year the Southern Chapter wants to take the opportunity to reflect on all of the good work that has brought us to this point and to look forward to the new challenges and opportunities for the future.

My goals will be to embrace change, to engage new members, and to use technology to advance the chapter.  One way we will be doing this is by the state-wide implementation of GlueUp.  GlueUp is an all-in-one software that will help us build and grow our community through events, memberships, and other digital tools.  It is a multi-tier Chapter Management solutions for membership and events.  As the State Membership Chair, I will be working with other State board members to implement this tool for the advantage of all CLEARS chapters.

This year, our board has three new members, Maricruz Beltran-Torrance PD, Manuela Rodriguez-South Gate PD, and Joan Gasca-Baldwin Park PD.  Maybe you aren’t ready to be a board member, but you might be interested in hosting a meeting or can suggest a new training topic or trainer.   I encourage you to actively participate in the chapter. We need new members, at all levels to provide new ideas and perspective in how we operate.  With your cooperation, we can build a chapter that provides abundant opportunities to learn, teach, mentor and share advice.

November 5th-11th, Region 2 will be hosting the CLEARS 50th Annual Training & Technology Seminar in Ventura at the Crowne Plaza.  I look forward to seeing many of you representing your agency and Southern Chapter.  The chapter trainings and annual seminar are a great opportunity for us to increase our knowledge and network with others.  Through our collective expertise, we increase our capacity to meet the challenges of this ever-changing law enforcement environment.

On behalf of the 2023 CLEARS Southern Chapter Executive Board,

I would like to extend my thanks for your confidence in our leadership and

we are committed to work towards the betterment of the Southern Chapter and the CLEARS organization as a whole.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact myself or any of the chapter board members.  We look forward to seeing you at our chapter trainings and encourage you to actively visit our website and follow us on social media.

Christy Witherspoon
Torrance Police Department